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Who are we?

Welcome to Viking Esports LLC, a professional game boosting and accounts selling brand. Starting in 2013, with the purpose of bringing the most comfortable game experience to the players, we help thousands of people to achieve their dream. Along with the professional team, our goal is to provide the most professional service to all of our customers.


The oldest member of Viking Esports, specialized in Dota2 boosting, coaching and account selling. Born in 2013, after many years VikingDota has risen to be one of the biggest Dota2 service site. With 40 boosters from around the world, many as leaderboard players, VikingDota service always come efficient and professional.
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2nd member of the team, who is the beast in a lot of games from Wild Rift to CSGO, BoostingAZ provide top-quality service with a high variety of games. The booster team of BoostingAZ can help you handle your order easily, and in the fastest time possible.
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As one of the new projects belonging to Viking Esports, AccGamer is specialized in accounts buying and selling. From Wild Rift to Genshin Impact, we have all kinds of game accounts for you to choose from, with the best price along with professional service.
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One of the latest projects of Viking Esports, VikingRift is where you find the best Wild Rift boosters. Although being a young one, we are second to none in our service quality. Booster teams from all around the world can handle your order on any server, in the most professional way.
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With the appearance of Naraka in 2021, NarakaBoost was born with the mission to provide the most efficient Naraka service for the player. With a game that mechanic heavy like Naraka, it's not easy for any player to achieve a high rank and learn high-tier strat. NarakaBoost gives people the chance of playing in the right environment, and learn the right attitude to get better.
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Our core values

Professional: our service is always being provided with the most professional attitude.
Efficient: being efficient is essential, it's the best way to make a customer satisfied.
Safe: Safety is number one priority, we always prioritize safety when it comes to our service and accounts. All decisions are consulted by professional players and explained carefully to the customer.
Security: all customer data 100% secured with us, you never have to worry about your data when you come to us.